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What type of window installation do you perform?

At Dundas Doors and Windows, we perform two different types of window installations :

Replacement : involves the replacement of your old window with a new window, without disturbing the existing wood frame. The exposed wood frame on the exterior of your home is capped in colour matching aluminum for a cleaner appearance and…it’s maintenance free. This option serves as a less expensive alternative and, in many cases, a more practical approach for homes that don’t require new wood frames.

Brick to Brick : customers with older homes and homes that have sustained wood damage should consider this type of installation because it involves a full window and frame tear out, back to the brick opening. After the old or damaged wood is removed we install the new window and construct a brand new wood frame on the interior, complete with casing, for a more complete and modern appearance. Vinyl brickmold (the same color as the window) extends from the outside of the new window to the brick, forming an all vinyl exterior that is both maintenance free and aesthetically appealing. This option is more expensive as it requires more material and is more labour intensive.
Our staff will assist you to determine the right type of installation for your home.

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